CaMic Security Suite allows you to make sure that your web cam and microphone are secure. Today, hundreds of new software that we download in our PC are  accessing our web cams and microphones without our permission and thus keeping an eye on us and our families through our own web cams. In other words, our web cams and microphones are getting hacked and this is happening with almost every other software that we download. In a situation like this when we are constantly under radar and being seen by some anonymous, CaMic gave us the security check.

CaMic has made it easier to prevent our devices from any kind of illegal ingress of an outer source as it alarms us immediately whenever someone tries to break into our systems through accessing camera to catch our private moments. Not only camera, it also notifies you when your mic is on and some anonymous tries to hack it through hidden Trojans and Malware that are not detected by any anti viruses.

CaMic was designed by a team of programmers dedicated to the privacy right of every man on the planet it mind.  We are not owned by big business conglomerates known to do contract work for spy agencies, hackers and white collar criminals.   The success of CaMic will never succumb to investment and greed of the corporate world and will always be privately owned by our core group of programmers.   We will not allow our creation to be corrupted at all costs, EVER.

Become a CaMic Shareholder – Once you download our software share us on facebook using the share interface, spread the word and we will pay you 50% for every share that results in a purchase.  Share the wealth, share the freedom with our company.  Tell the world about CaMic!