Remote Access Tools (RATs) are the latest tactics for spy and hacking. It’s becoming a headache for all the computer users, whether they are ordinary users or IT professionals. Using RATs,hackers access the mic and camera of your computer. RATs are actually computer software sent by the hackers to the victim’s computer. Once the software is activated it allows the sender to access the webcam and mic of the computer so the hacker can be able to watch visuals and listen to conversation of the victim.

Camic is a complete security suite that is especially designed for RATs. It is a very intelligent application which prevents all types of applications to access the mic and camera of your device. As soon as any application tries to connect to the mic and camera of the device, Camic gives a notification to the user. User can mark that application trusted to proceed further or can save himself from being hacked.

“Camic” is the only solution for such type of spy tools till now. There is no other application in the computer market which can give this level of safety to the user. RATs are Trojans but they are different from other hacking tools. They not only grant access to the user data but also handover the device control to the invader. Camic is also different from ordinary anti-virus, it is developed for such Trojans which try to access device administration. In this way you can be safe from all sorts of shots and recording of your conversations.

In the recent year many surveys have been conducted in which users have shared their experiences that many times they have been watched by the hackers, but they had no choice except to unplug their computers from internet or to tape their gadgets. Many people saw their sneaky pics on the internet afterwards which was a disgrace for them. Last year many protests held in US against the security agencies as well, because they have been spying people through RATs. So every user needed such a security suite which can prevent them from this annoying situation.

As Camic is here so no need to tape the camera & mic of your device anymore. Surf freely, keep your devices anywhere in the home and feel secure. Nobody can see you picking nose, watch you sleeping or snap you in the bath gown. Keep it installed in your computers and work freely. No fear of being watched or heard. It is the ultimate solution and exclusive choice.