Hackers and Spies have always been a problem since the world has become a global village. They have been trying to track people and their activities for a long time. Hackers are not only some ordinary guys but many security agencies are also using hackers to track suspected people. The latest spy tactics include RATs (Remotely Administrative Tools) which allow a hacker to sneak into your computer and other gadgets and use their camera and mic for obtaining visuals and sounds. The worst thing is they send such files / cookies which cannot be tracked by any anti-virus or anti-spyware. That’s why not only average computer users but also many IT professionals are forced to tape cam and mic of their gadgets.

The Remote Access Trojans allow a hacker to see your desktop, your activities and your internet usage history. Furthermore these Trojans turn on the camera and mic of the device so that a hacker can get the sound plus visuals of the victim. Just imagine you are sitting in front of your laptop and someone is watching you on the other side. He knows your every moment, if you are picking your nose? You are sitting topless? You are sharing the private moments with your spouse? He can watch everything. Other than that he can listen to your gossips, your family problems and other talking. This is horrible isn’t it?

Till now there were no safety measures to protect your computers from such spies except to cover your cam & mic. However, recently an application has been launched named “Camic” which is a security suite and has been designed specifically for this kind of hacking and spy tactics. Its name “Camic” has been selected by keeping cam & mic in consideration. This is a specialized security suit for RATs so that nothing can access your gadgets without your permission.

This application immediately notifies the user in case of any application or software tries to connect mic or camera of his device. It gives the proper name and extension of the file which tries to access the camera and mic. In this way user gets aware. It not only informs the user but also enables him to choose if he want to give access or not. So that if the application is trusted user can utilizes his mic and camera for his own purpose otherwise the application will block access.

“Camic” is the only privileged application in the market that can control RATs. It is a complete suite for your computers, laptops, smart phones and all other gadgets containing camera and mic in them. The best thing about “Camic” is that it can keep you safe from all kinds of hackers and spies. Because it will notify every time whenever anything tries to access your visual and sound tools. So now a user can feel safe and relaxed. It was a need of time which “Camic” has fulfilled very gently.

Secure yourself before you’re filmed.