Have you ever heard of RAT? Well this is a new phenomenon that has recently disturbed the human life adversely. This is a new technique in spy and hacking field. RAT is called “Remotely Administration Tools” which are used by hackers and spies to access your device’s camera and microphone remotely. Recently the electronic and print media has unveiled this latest astonishing truth that “You are being watched and heard”. Not only criminals or hackers use RAT but also many security agencies of the world use these remotely administrative tools to spy against their enemies. Recent research shows that many agencies have access to almost every computer or device in the world through RATs.

Although it hurts the privacy of a user and recently there had been a howl against such techniques all over the world but still we don’t have any defense to it. We can never know who is watching us, when and where? The worst thing is these hackers can disable any notifying LED or beep also which turns on with the mic and camera of your device. That’s why since this report has been revealed everyone feels unsafe and unprotected while using his gadgets even in complete isolation.

How these RATs work? Hackers and spies inject a malware into the victim’s device through any mean, by sending a file etc. Once the malware is stored in destination device, it starts work and immediately overrides administrator’s rights and turn on camera and mic of infected device. Now they are free to watch and listen to your private talks. They can see you naked in your bedroom, they can see you picking your nose and even they can record your private moments in the bed. This is terrifying but this is true.

Currently people protect themselves from these Remotely Administration Tools by pasting a tape or bandage on their camera and mic. Every time they need to use them, they have to remove the tape and then cover again after use. This is really a fatigue, but to save your privacy you have to bear pain.

Many information security analysts and IT personnel have admitted that they use to cover their camera and mic all the time when they don’t use them. Patrick Gray, podcaster at risky.biz has admitted that he covers his laptop’s camera with glued cigarette papers while he’s smoking. So this is a problem which has become a headache for all.

In United States, media broke out a report about the security agencies that they used to spy over people through RATs for the past many years. Publicly it was discouraged and many people protested against this unjustified spying technique. Agencies can watch you anytime, it’s not necessary that you are a criminal or an accused. If they feel like observing you, they’ll observe and you can’t protect yourself.

As this is technology era and everyone is connected to technology every time. We all have many gadgets like laptops, computers and mobile phones now. So these all are the eyes and ears of the hackers. All our gadgets are supporting these spies. The recent smart phones have added a lot to it. Now we can be watched all the time.

So keep covered, be careful and be protected by all the means available till now.