Instantly Detects ANY Program Accessing Your PC’s Camera & Microphone

Right Now there are several of your favorite programs you are using that currently access your cam and mic without your permission.  Most programs on install don’t even warn you in terms and conditions that they will be accessing the drivers that control your cam and mic functions.

This means a rouge individuals where these programs are made can remotely access these media devices without your approval.  Worst yet hidden trojans and malware undetected by your favorite anti-virus program lay dormat then may attack these program holes or just directly access your cam and mic giving hackers control of these media devices.

Unfortunately, There Is Not A Shortage Of Predators, Spys & Hackers

There is, however, a shortage of companies though that care about their customers personal privacy.  Why make software that accesses your cam and mic that has no business accessing your camera and mic in the first place?  Is it for a “Just In Case” scenario?  If so in case of what?

We already know why hackers try to access cams and mics, to catch you or your children in your private moments and in some cases use that media to coerce, embarrass and even to blackmail you.

Makes you think, who is looking out for you and your families privacy?  At CaMic Security Suite WE CARE!


  • Unbelievable!  5 Minutes after install of CaMic it found 3 programs I use everyday that have free reign of my pc's camera and mic.  Funny thing is these programs don't have camera or mic functionality built in!  The nerve of these "Trusted" companies!  Thank You CaMic!
    Stephan Evans
    designer & artist
  • Found out my kid was being targeted by a @#*&% predator who was pretending to be a kid.  CaMic allows me to protect and block my sons pc from further weirdos invading our privacy of his camera.  When he wants cam to cam with his friends the system alerts for a password which only i know :)
    Andrew Lee
  • CaMic does what the big anti-virus and anti-malware companies should be doing....monitoring media intrusions...this is a big reality check for everyone.  You are not in control of your privacy at all!  CaMic works side by side with my anti-virus now to make sure everything is private.
    Miriam L.
    Sales Rep
  • Pretty scary knowing the laptops at our business meetings could be listening or watching the meetings of our top secret product development at our firm.  Our whole office is loaded with CaMic now, we can rest easy that commercial espionage is being stopped through our cams and mics.
    Alex Bloom
  • No anti-virus or anti-malware is perfect.  There will always be something they didn't catch on my pc, I;m aware of that as a programmer.  I'm not taking any chances of who or what could be listening or watching me.  CaMic plugged up all the media holes on my pc with ease.  A+ from me guys, nice work.
    Richard Anderson
    Programmer and husband
  • I've always wondered if I was being observed.  CaMic proved, out of the gate, built in security holes in programs I use everyday.  When I installed it I was overwhelmed with with grief of what may have been heard or seen by unscrupulous people accessing my pc's media.  CaMic you ROCK!
    Nick C
    Businessman & Family Man
  • Guys, you have to grab CaMic ASAP.  It will blow you away how many programs access cams and mics without your permission!  I have seen some of the future dev on CaMic and the one Im chomping at the bit to see as an update is your "CaMic Feed" it streams static through your cam and loud irritating noises through your mic.  Definitely, this software will pi&# off hackers and unwanted intruders.
    James Z
    CaMic Beta Tester
  • Love the "stop online predators" feature in CaMic.  I have blocked all programs accessing cams and mics.  As a mother gives me a little piece of mind knowing my daughters are studying and not having chat parties or doing other provocative things.  I call CaMic my PC chaperone, LOL.
    Jennifer Greenfield
    Single Mother of 3 Teens

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